10 Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Travel Program

This article was originally written by Linda Bustos, provided courtesy of Human Services Directory ( Corporate incentive travel, is a great way to motivate and reward your valuable employees. Incentive travel can be group or individual, and the destination can be local or international. But every successful incentive travel program begins with careful planning. The following are tips to help you plan a corporate group travel program that fits your company’s culture, size and available budget: Determine your corporate incentive program goals. In specific terms, establish what the incentive program should accomplish. This could be an increase in sales, increase in production output or profits, or a reduction in defective products, sales returns or lost contracts. Be sure to assign a value to the improvement or reduction - a percentage, absolute number of units or contracts, or a dollar figure.Select the target group for the program. This could be management, employees,…

The Expert-Approved Guide to Sleeping on a Plane

We regularly work with corporate travel agencies and one of the things their client’s regularly complain about, is how they struggle to sleep on a plane and then have to be fresh and ready for that early morning business meeting. We found this great blog with a few super-easy tips to help you nod off at a few thousand miles in the air.

While a few lucky folks can pass out easily upon takeoff, for most of us, quality in-flight sleep is a struggle. And that can lead to exhaustion and several nights of playing catch-up when you arrive at your final destination. Beyond the tips you likely already know—invest in earplugs, an eyemask, and a pillow; wear comfy clothing; and book a first class ticket with a lie-flat seat (#lifegoals)—here are more ways you can rest en route. 10 Secrets for In-Flight Sleep1. Score a window seat.If you can reserve a window seat, lean against and rest your head on the side of the plane. (It's a lot easier than trying to fall asleep on a neck pillow while basica…

Essential Safety Tips for Solo Woman on Business Travel

Whether it is a man or woman, they have to take some precautionary steps while traveling for their safety. Women, especially, have to travel smart because they are more vulnerable. As a woman, when you are in a new place and among strange people, you should be aware of how to keep yourself safe and away from harm. Here are some safety tips that will help you stay safe when you travel. HotelsWhen making online hotel booking, choose wisely. Even if you have to choose budget hotels ensure that they are in safe neighborhoods. When in doubt, rather choose an experience business travel agency to help you with your bookings. The rooms should have a peep hole or a camera, so that you can see who is visiting. Do not give your room number to anyone including a cab driver or acquaintances. Also, instruct the receptionist to call you if there is a visitor and not to send the visitor to your room. Always meet people in the hotel lobby. Do not opt for rooms that are too close to the emergency exit. Parking…